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Luxury G Phone Case For iPhone

Luxury G Phone Case For iPhone

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The latest luxury series custom handmade gucci iPhone wallet case, the classic red and green striped portable mini wallet attached to the back of the case, can hold 2-3 credit cards.

  • Fit Like A Glove
  • The function hole is reserved for easy access to any function, and the case can support wireless charging without removing the iPhone case.
  • The high-quality, luxurious and fashionable red-green striped lanyard is more convenient to carry iPhone. With a lanyard, it can hang your phone, keys, work cards or other small things.
  • Lanyard is detachable 
  • Enjoy it now, buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to your family and friends!
    • Disclaimer: ALL T-Shirts/Hoodies/Jewelry, ETC designs are Artwork.
      I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned (if any) or depicted in any way in
      the designs and no such companies have sponsored or endorsed the designs or me.
      All References to any recognizable companies is only intended as artistic expression and/or commentary only.

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Shepherd

Looked good but did not fit, phone falls out of it